7 Dec

Hello everyone!
I’m am leaving wordpress.com. I will be now blogging at tumblr.com come and see me there! I can’t wait.


If any questions or concerns please email me at :

I’ll miss you! :)
-Hugs and laughs, Mandy

The Arms of Love

20 Oct

I’ve realized
I’ve come this far
To see that I
Have fallen deep
In the arms of love.
I couldn’t breathe
Yet couldn’t see
You stole my heart
and now it’s gone
Now I must face
The hardest part
Loosing you forever…

Favorite Summer Memory

25 Sep

My favorite memory from the summer would be my trip to Writing on Stone. On this trip I went with my family and with my cousins. They arn’t really my cousin’s but are like really close family.

On this trip I went swiming in the Milk River. I water was super cold and the current was super strong. My little cousin Sarah kept on getting swept by the current. My brother Jason, and two cousins Michel and Noah kept throwing sand at us and Noah threw one right into my eyes. When it was almost supper time I was swimming and around and feeling the sand in the water and something was sticking out from the bottom and when I pulled it up I found a dolpphin ring!

The worst part of my trip was that I got a really painful sunburn on my face while walking climbing the rocks, I was very forgetful that day that day to put on sunscreen. I had a very hard time squinting my face.

While we were going to leave me and my sister Emily wanted to go in my Aunt Qi and Uncle King’s truck so we decided that all girls should ride the truck and all boys ride my mom and dad’s van. We were alll very tired and wanted to go sleep. Emily didn’t really like sleeping while sitting upwards so she made me and my cousin Kim move over so she could lay her head down. So sadly  she kept on making me and Kim move even ferther down and we were sitting in the corner trying to fall asleep. Once we all did I woke up with Kim sleeping on my shoulder drooling down my arm and into the palm of my hand, so my hand was full of Kim drool.

I think this was the best trip I’ve gone all summer. Though I did miss school, and I kept complaining  to go back to it.


17 Sep


Hey everyone! It’s Art Surprise. Here is drawing I made myself I hope you enjoy it!

This drawing is dedicated to Aimen!

Pink Rose

12 Sep

Pink Rose Ok, here is a picture of  a pink rose. There was a bunch of other pink roses growing so  it was kind of hard to take a picture of it.

Now, I didn’t actually take this picture but my little cousin Sarah did, I just helped her with the angle and which rose she should take.

Now I wanted to also show you a cute quote I found when I was at my friend’s house.

               “Each flower possess its own uniqueness as does each friend.”
                                                                                -Beth Jaykus

Ok, thats all I really have for today, hope you love my photo. If you any questions please don’t be afraid to ask. :)

-Hugs and laughs, Mandy

Ever Get The Feeling…?

8 Sep

Do you ever get that feeling where you found yourself  suddenly remembering something that was super important to you? Well apparently I did!

I was just sitting in school and found myself thinking about something. The first ever day I had met Aimen…strange but I could almost see real. She was walking into class and my fifth grade teacher introduced her to the class…I could have wished that I was back in that time….

I have this sudden feeling now that she might come back to visit….if not it was nice trying to tell the future (lol). Maybe I should become a fortune teller, just kidding.

Well, thats it for today! Hoped you enjoyed listening to me!
-Hugs and laughs Mandy. :)

Old Categories!

8 Sep

Hey guys!

This Made Me Laugh

I’m one of those people that like to be organized, and I’m really getting annoyed with my old categories that I used to use. Now I still want to keep them up on my blog so that people can still read them but I’m just going to put them into a new category! Its called “old categories” so it shouldn’t be too hard to find :)

-Hugs and laughs Mandy :)

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